Keck, Andrew S.

Full Name: 
Keck, Andrew S.
Other Names: 
Andrew S. Keck
Andrew Sager Keck
Year Born: 
Year Died: 
Place Born: 
Allentown, PA
Place Died: 
Barnstable, MA, USA
Home Country: 
Medievalist, chair of the department of art and archaeology, American University, Washington, DC. Keck was the son of William G. Keck, a lumber company owner and Emma L. Mosser (Keck) (1860-1944). Keck graduated from Williams College in 1924, working in the familylumberyard in Allentown, PA, and at Lehigh Trust, Allentown, 1924-1926 before entering Princeton University where he received a master of fine art's degree in 1931, under Charels Rufus Morey. He also taught art history at Williams for five years. He married Katherine Young (1900-1988) in 1940. During World War II, Keck served in the navy and afterward as a lieutenant commander in the Naval Reserve. Keck was appointed to the art and archaeology department of American University, Washington, DC, serving as chair of the department. Keck taught Princeton University and was a reseach scholar at Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, DC. He retired from the department in 1969. Keck Park, in Allentown is named after him and his sister, who jointly donated the land in 1940. He retired to Barnstable, Massachusetts where he died at home at age 101. An Andrew S. Keck Distinguished Visiting Professorship of Art History was established at the American University in his honor. Keck held to the methodology of his mentor, Morey.
Selected Bibliography: 
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