Ziegert, Anna

Full Name: 
Ziegert, Anna
Other Names: 
Anna Bruestein Ziegert
Year Born: 
Place Born: 
Kewaskum, WI, USA
Home Country: 

Scholar of Christian iconography in Renaissance and modern religious painting. Ziegert was raised in several small Wisconsin towns. After attending Concordia College, Milwaukee and divinity training, she became an ordained minister for the Lutheran Church, Wisconsin Synod in 1984. While pursuing parish work in Illinois and Minesota, she began to researching the use of iconography in Renaissance and contemporary religious art. Arguing that modern art history overlayed its own theory on medieval and Renaissance art of Christianity, she used a close reading of devotional documents--missals and books of hours--to interpret the religious art from a believer's point of view, rather than the "removed, secular knowledge of the present age." Although politically conservative, her approach won praise from much of the established art-history community for her attention to textual evidence, historic reception theory of an alternative viewpoint of the female gaze (Loos).

Selected Bibliography: 

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