Xyngopoulos, Andreas

Full Name: 
Xyngopoulos, Andreas
Other Names: 
Andreas Xyngopoulos
Date Born: 
Date Died: 
22 April 1979
Place Born: 
Athens, Greece
Place Died: 
Athens, Greece
Home Country: 

Historian of Byzantine and early Christian Greek art and architecture. Xyngopoulos studied at the School of Philosophy, University of Athens, graduating in 1924. At the same time, he joined the Greek archaeological service (1920). He wrote his dissertation in 1937 from the École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris, working under Charles Diehl and Gabriel Millet. Xyngopoulos continued his work at the archaeological service, primarily in the area of Macedonia, eventually becoming the supervisor (ephor) of Bysantine monutments. In 1940 he left to become professor of Byzantine archaeology, University of Thessaloniki. He retired in 1956. Xyngopoulos is most known for his discoveries of mosaics in Thessaloniki. He discovered the late 5th-century mosaics at Hosios David and others in the 14th-century Hagioi Apostoloi.

Selected Bibliography: 
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