Wrede, Walther

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Wrede, Walther
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Archaeologist and head of the DAI, Athens, during the Nazi period. Wrede was a high official in the Nazi party who took over the directorship of the DAI (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut) in Athens in 1937. Because his position was primarily focused on politicizing the functions of the Institute, most of the research was left to assistants, including Roland Hampe, Ernst Homann-Wedeking, Ulf Jantzen, and Frank Brommer. Wrede oversaw the Olympia excavations including the stadium, which Hitler hoped to publicize during the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin. Excavations were halted by the Greek government in 1940. Nazi occupation of Greece in 1941 reinstated some of Wrede's work. In 1944, the Germans evacuated Greece and Wrede left with them. The only remaining Germans at the DAI were Jantzen and Hampe, now officers in the military.

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