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Weber, Hans

    Full Name: Weber, Hans

    Gender: male

    Date Born: 1913

    Date Died: 1981

    Place Born: Munich, Bavaria, Germany

    Place Died: Freiburg im Breisgau, Hesse, Germany

    Home Country/ies: Germany

    Subject Area(s): ancient, Ancient Greek (culture or style), architecture (object genre), Classical, Levantine (culture or style), Near Eastern (Early Western World), religious buildings, and sculpture (visual works)


    Specialist in classical Greek sculpture and ancient Near Eastern temple architecture. Weber worked at Olympia excavation in Greece 1938-1944. His participation during this years was a mark of his complicity with the Nazi government. After the war, he resumed his academic training, and wrote his habilitationsschrift at the University of Kiel in 1956. He was the second Director of the deutsches archäologisches Institut Istanbul (German Archaeological Institute, or DAI) between 1961-1968. In 1968 he accepted a call to be Professor at the University of Freiburg (i. Br.) 1968-1980.

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