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Waldmann, Emil

    Full Name: Waldmann, Emil

    Gender: male

    Date Born: 1880

    Date Died: 1945

    Place Born: Bremen, Germany

    Place Died: Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany

    Home Country/ies: Germany


    Waldmann’s touching eulogy to Julius Meier-Graefe demonstrated his appreciation for the historiography of art in genres other than his own. During his time as a student at Heidelberg, his colleagues included Rosa Schapire, Edwin Redslob, Walter Kaesbach, Ernst Kühnel.


    Metzler Kunsthistoriker Lexikon: zweihundert Porträts deutschsprachiger Autoren aus vier Jahrhunderten. Stuttgart: Metzler, 1999, pp. 449-52; [Meier-Graefe comment] Kultermann, Udo. The History of Art History. New York: Abaris, 1993, p. 156


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