Wagner-Rieger, Renate

Full Name: 
Wagner-Rieger, Renate
Other Names: 
Renate Wagner-Rieger
née Renate Rieger
Year Born: 
Year Died: 
Place Born: 
Vienna, Austria
Place Died: 
Vienna, Austria
Home Country: 
Architectural and art historian. Rieger studied art history in 1942 at the University in Vienna writing her dissertation under Karl Maria Swoboda (q.v.). She was hired as a research assistant in 1945. She worked during the de-Nazification of the University, becoming a Lecturer in 1956. That year, too, she married the historian Walter Wagner (b. 1923). At the same time her research on early gothic architecture in Italy and a paper on historicism presented to the 1964 International Congress of Art History in Bonn brought her to international attention. Wagner-Rieger was appointed associate professor in Vienna in 1964. She was appointed director of the Forschungsunternehmen Wiener Ringstrasse. She became an editor of the prestigeous Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte. In 1971 she was appointed professor of Austrian art history. Wagner-Rieger was not only a leading architectural historian, but particularly well known to the public.
Selected Bibliography: 
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