Ullmann, Hermann

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Ullmann, Hermann
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Botticelli and Piero di Cosimo scholar. Student of Reinhard Kekulé (q.v.). Ullmann studied under Carl Justi (q.v.) in the later 1880s at Bonn with fellow students Aby Warburg (q.v.) and Wilhelm Vöge (q.v.). He attended lectures in Munich and was one of the eight students from various universities who attended seminars in Florence in 1889 under August Schmarsow (q.v.) who was attempting to found a German research institute in the city. Ulmann's work was viewed as what was bad about German art historical scholarship by the English-speaking connoisseurs Herbert Horne (q.v.) and Bernard Berenson (q.v.). Erwin Panofsky (q.v.), borrowing a phrase from Jean Paul, described Ulmann as "without accent" (i.e., undistinguished).
Selected Bibliography: 
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