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biobliographer of art history

Medievalist, specialist in Romanesque.Davy's essay Essai sur la symbolique romane dealt with the creative power of the eleventh century (Sypher).

Greek art scholar; social history; de Ridder may only be a social historian, and Deonna may be art historian

University of Vienna professor of Josef Rudolf Thomas Strzygowski's competing art history school. Specialist in carpets.

Hals and Dutch Baroque painting scholar. Luns was one of the scholars who accepted the opinion of Abraham Bredius and his opinion that the Christ at Emmaus painting was a Vermeer, later proved to have been painted by forger Han van Meegeren (1889-1947).

Anonymous author of a now fragmental history, likely written after 1541. The extent portion includes biographies of Florentine artists between the late 13th century and the 16th. The manuscript was discovered in 1755 in the Magliabechiano manuscript collection but only brought to the attention of scholars in 1892 by Karl Frey. Most recently the scholar Bouk Wierda has argued that the identity of the Florentine humanist and art connoisseur Anonimo is Bernardo Vecchietti (1514-1590).

art historian

In 1871, Malsz was among the team of art historians (the others including Moritz Thausing, Carl von Lützlow, Adolf von Bayersdorfer, Friedrich Lippmann, Wilhelm Lübke, Bruno Meyer, Karl Woermann, Alfred Woltmann and Wilhelm Bode) who convened in Dresden to determine which of two versions of Hans Holbein the younger's Meyer Madonna was the autograph work.

Early historian of medieval Christian art. Willibald Sauerländer included Martin among the "pantheon of great [early] art historians" of medieval art whose numbers included Adolphe Napoléon Didron, Charles Cahier, Ferdinand Piper and Franz Xaver Kraus.

Author of surveys of modern artists.