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medievalist; trained in archaeology; studied at école des Chartes and at the Collège de France with Henri Focillon.

wrote book of conversations with artists of Rome; d'Olland in Portugese?

historian of Portuguese art; curator of the Museu do Arte antiga; rediscovered and restored the paintings of Nuno Gonçalves; studied at l'école du Louvre; friends with Rodin; president of the Academia de Belas Artes

historian of Portuguese art

Historian of Portuguese art and medical doctor; successor to José de Figueiredo at the Academia de Belas Artes, Lisbon. Santos' parents were Clemente José dos Santos, a physician, and Maria Amelia dos Santos Pinheiro. His grandfather was Clement José dos Santos, Baron Santos Clemente. After secondary school, Santos entered the Medical-Surgical School of Lisbon in 1898, graduating in 1903.

Historian of Portuguese art; Renaissance; Portuguese silverwork and ceramics.

Doctor; poet; archaologist; historian of Portuguese art; archival reasearch; standard source for Portuguese art history.