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Writer whose work, based upon extent fragments, ascribed creative works of art to artists, countering the prevalent view that statues, temples and other works of art were the results of the gods. Democritus further classified and ranked individual artworks, beginning from primitive to complex.

Specialist in ancient Greek and Roman art, particularly bronze statuary. Curator at the Antiquarium in Berlin, 1920-1945. Career suffered setbacks after 1933 because of the Jewish heritage of his wife. Died on June 27, 1945, following an operation.

Statue and sculpture conservator; special assistant for International Exhibit Loans at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Leo was born in New York City to Elinore Baisley Leo (Wellington) (1914–2008) and Arnold Leo II. Graduating from The High School of Music and Art, Roussel continued her studies at Wilson College,  where she earned a Bachelor's Degree. Enrolling in Goddard College, Ms. Leo received her Master's Degree in Art and Education before traveling to Greece and later France to intern under the sculptor Ossip Zadkine and study at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière.

Specialist in ancient Greek and Roman art, particularly noted for his studies of single statues like the Belvedere Apollo. Professor at the University of Innsbruck (1899-1905), Graz (1905-1907), Strasbourg (1907-1912) and Bonn (1912-1928).