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Art historian of the Florentine Renaissance and 16th-century art historiography. Frey attended the University of Berlin from where he wrote his dissertation on the Loggia dei Lanzi in 1884. His early publications were on the writing of the early art biographer Giorgio Vasari, an edition of the Vite between 1884 and 1887.

Painter; founder of the modern practice of art criticism and art historian who helped reassert the primacy of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Dutch/Belgian masters. Fromentin's father, Toussaint Fromentin-Dupeux (d. 1867), was a doctor and amateur painter (trained under Jean-Victor Bertin), and his mother, Jenny Billotte Fromentin-Dupeux, the daughter of a Naval administrator and regional councillor in La Rochelle.

16th and 17th century painting

Painter; early diarist and chronicler of Flemish artistic life. Vaernewyck was raised a Catholic and remained one his life. He was placed in charged of the guard investigating religious beliefs of expatriates and the Ghent citizenry alike. In 1560 he published Vlaemsche audvremdigheyt, a Flemish history written as poetry. He further held various government positions, including administrator of the charity house (1563), city councilman (1564), and controller for the grain exchange (depot) in 1566.

Author of influential 16th-century artists' biographies; painter, poet, and playwright. His parents, Cornelis van Mander and Johanna van der Beke, belonged to the rural nobility. Van Mander attended the Latin school in Tielt, along with his elder brother, Cornelis. They both continued their education with a French schoolmaster in Ghent. In 1566-1567, Van Mander studied with the painter and poet Lucas d'Heere (1534-1584) in the same city and subsequently, in 1568-69, with the painter Pieter Vlerick (1539-1581) in Kortrijk and Doornik.