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Medievalist; chair of the department of Art, Williams College 1940-1969; Nazi-art-crime investigator during World War II. Faison was the son of Samson Lane Faison, Sr., a brigadier general in the United States Army, and Eleanor Sowers Faison (d. 1957). In 1923, at age 16, he visited Chartres cathedral, an event which he said transformed his life. Faison attended Williams College, Williamstown, MA, studying under Karl E. Weston, the chair of the art history department.

Professor of art history at Yale 1936-1966; director of the art museum at Williams College from 1966 to 1977. Hamilton was raised in Pittsburgh, the son of Frank A. Hamilton and Georgia Heard (Hamilton). He studied entirely at Yale University where he received his BA (English) in 1932, his MA (History) in 1934. Hamilton began as a medievalist, publishing his master's thesis on medieval manuscripts in 1933. From 1934 Hamilton was research assistant at the Walters Art Gallery. In 1936 he returned to New Haven, joining the faculty of Yale University where he remained until his retirement.

Williams College architectural historian; one of a group of Williams faculty who launched the careers of major American art museum curators of the late 20th century. Pierson's parents were William H. Pierson, Sr., and Sara Gilchrest Pierson, née Gilchrist. He was trained as an opera singer. Pierson studied with the landscape painter Charles Warren Eaton while in high school. He entered Yale University as a painting major, receiving a B. A. in fine arts in 1934. He earned Yale's first master's degree in painting in 1936. He married a sculptor he met at Yale, Margaret Post (d.

Medievalist and professor at Williams College. Stoddard was the son of lawyer Charles Nowell Stoddard and Elizabeth Snow (Stoddard). He attended Eaglebrook School and Deerfield Academy before entering Williams College. At Williams he attended courses in art history by Karl E. Weston, graduating in 1935. He married Jean Wilson Read in 1936 (d. 1988) and entered Harvard University to pursue his doctorate in art history, returning to teach at Williams in 1938. At Harvard Stoddard studied under Chandler R.