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Expert in the German Art of the Middles Ages. Baum studied art history at the universities of Munich, Berlin and Tübingen, where he worked under Karl Voll and Heinrich Wölfflin. He completed his dissertation in Tübingen in 1905 on the churches of the architect Heinrich Schickhardt (1558-1634) under Konrad von Lange. Baum wrote his habilitation under Heinrich Weizsäcker in Technische Hochschule in Stuttgart.

Scholar of Renaissance and Baroque art in Austria and Italy, Nazi collaborator during World War II. Frey studied (practicing) architecture at the Technische Hochschule in Vienna. In 1911, the second-Vienna School art historian Max Dvořák took him as his assistant in the Austrian monument conservation bureau. Dvořák encourage Frey to study art history, and Frey wrote his dissertation in 1915 (under Dvořák) on Bramante's plan for St. Peter's.

Advocate for 19th and 20th century art, professional career in Germany, 1908 to 1949. Hildebrandt was born in Staufen (Baden), Germany. He studied law at Mannheim until 1904, when he began his studies in art history until approximately 1912. In Munich and Heidelberg, his studies covered the areas of art history, wall painting, archaeology, and philosophy. In 1908, he completed his dissertation on German art history, titled Die Architektur bei Albrecht Altdorfer, under Henry Thode in Strasbourg.

Professor of art history and museum director, Wüttembergisches Landesmuseum, 1978-1991. Zoege von Manteuffel hailed from an aristocratic north-German/Danish family. His father was the art historian Baron Kurt Zoege von Manteuffel director of the Staatliche Kupferstichkabinett (Saxon-State Print Collection) at the Zwinger, Dresden, and his mother Countess Alexandra von Schwerin (Zoege von Manteuffel) (1899-1972). Zoege von Manteuffel grew up in Dresden, attending the Vitzthum (humanities) Gymnasium.