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Specialist in ancient Greek sculpture; director and rebuilder of the German Archaeological Institute in Rome after World War I, 1921-1927. Amelung's father was a successful insurance executive and his mother an actress. The younger Amelung studied under the classicist Erwin Rohde (1845-98) in Tübingen and briefly under Johannes Overbeck at Leipzig, before settling in Munich to write his dissertation under Enrico Brunn. His dissertation was on the personification of nature in Hellenistic vase painting.

Key figure in the early development of the discipline of art history ("Berlin School"); author of one of the first surveys of art history; cultural administrator for the Prussian state. Kugler's father was Johann Georg Emanuel Kugler, a successful merchant and city father (German Counselor). The younger Kugler studied literature, music and the visual arts at the University of Berlin. Music remained with him his whole life; he penned the Volkslied "An der Saale hellem Strande," to a tune by Friedrich Ernst Fesca (1789-1826) in 1826.

Emeritus professor in architecture, Washington University, St. Louis, and art historiographer. Kultermann was the son of Georg Kultermann and Charlotte Schultz (Kultermann). Kultermann attended the University Griefswald, Germany from 1947 until 1950, and then the University Munster 1950-1953 where he was granted his Ph.D. Director, City Art Museum, Leverkusen, Germany (1959-1964). Kultermann moved to the United States in 1964 to be Professor of the history and theory of architecture, Washington University.

Architectural historian of the medieval and renaissance periods; Carnegie-mellon University professor, 1958-1993. Saalman was the son of Walter Guenter Saalman and Gertrude Robert (Saalman). As Jews in Nazi Germany, his family fled in 1938 to the United States to escape persecution. Saalman attended the City College (modern City College, City University of New York, CUNY) receiving his A. B. in 1949. He entered New York University where he met fellow student Jeanne Eloise Farr whom he married in1954.

Museum director, Kassel, 1946-1961. Vogel was raised in Stettin, Germany where his father was a local merchant. After graduating from the humanistisches Gymnasium in Stettin in 1916, he entered the army in World War I where he was severely wounded. Upon recuperation in 1919 he studied political science, earning his first Ph.D. in 1923 from the university in Vienna. He entered studied thereafter in art history, attending lectures at Marburg under Richard Hamann and then Leipzig under Wilhelm Pinder.