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Art historian, feminist lecturer, and Miami University professor. Fish was born in Scituate, Massachusetts in 1930 though her family moved to Philadelphia thereafter. In her 20’s, she moved to New York City to join the modern dance company Munt-Brooks (later known as “The Changing Scene”) dancing with the group until a dance injury caused her resignation. Fish was married and divorced twice, but kept her married name, Harper. Harper earned her bachelor’s degree and master’s in art history at Hunter College in Manhattan. She then received her Ph.D. at Stanford in 1976.

Medievalist art historian; professor at University of Pennsylvania. Robb graduated from Oberlin College 1926 and began his teaching career as an associate professor of the history of art from 1930 to 1935 at Colgate University. He was a professor of fine arts at the University of Minnesota from 1935 to 1939. In 1935 he wrote one of the early surveys of the history of art in the United States with J. J. Garrison, his Art of the Western World. It went into many subsequent editions and built a reputation for him as an art history teacher.