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Architectural historian and professor of Fine Arts, Harvard University, 1960-1990. Ackerman's father, Lloyd Stuart Ackerman (1882-1968), was a prosperous San Francisco attorney and his mother, Louise Sloss (Ackerman) (1888-1983), was later a librarian at the San Francisco Museum of Art (today the SF Museum of Modern Art). Art as a child, he was exposed to art when his family toured European museums in 1932. At age 15, he read Vision and Design by Roger Fry, which opened him to the formal interpretation of art.

Architect and professor of Architecture at University of California, Berkeley. Born initially worked as a San Francisco architect and draftsman. He met Walter W. Horn, a UC Berkeley medievalist who asked him to assist with drawings for Horn's publications on medieval architecture. Beginning in 1960, Born and Horn began collaborating on the measurement of medieval buildings, publishing several studies of related Cistercian buildings in England and France. Born went on to a career in architectural history at Berkeley through Horn's encouragement.

Cubist scholar and University of California, Berkeley professor of Art, 1953-79. Chipp was born to George C. Chipp, an executive and Susie Browning (Chipp). He worked as a poster artist in Los Angeles between 1938-41. Chipp served in the U. S. Navy, 1941-45 with distinction, rising to lieutenant and awarded sixteen battle stars as well as the Presidential Unit Citation. In 1944 he married. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a B.A., in 1947, receiving an M.A., in 1948.

Documentary historian of art. Gilmore was the daughter of Eugene Allen Gilmore, a former Vice Governor General of the Philippines and later President of the University of Iowa. Holt attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison, graduating in 1928. She wrote her master's paper at Radcliffe College in 1930 continuing on to the University of Munich's Kunsthistorisches Institut where she completed her Ph.D., in 1934 with a dissertation (in German) under Wilhelm Pinder on the Augsburg epitaphs. Holt joined the faculty of Duke University in 1934.

Biographer of French Realist and Post-Impressionist artists. Mack's parents were Adolph "Dick" Mack (1858-1948), a pharmacist and owner of a pharmacy, and Clara Gerstle (Mack) (1861-1909), daughter of the Lewis Gerstle, grocery magnate of San Francisco (Gerstle Park, Marin County). Mack attended the University of California before switching to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, from which he received his B. A. in architecture in 1916. He worked as an architectural draftsman in New York until World War I was declared.

Useful arts and modernist art historian. Elisabeth Moses was born in 1893 in Cologne, Germany.  Her father, Dr. Salli Moses was an otolaryngologist in private hospital practice in Cologne. Her mother,  Luise “Lucie"  Rothschild (Moses), worked on board of the Cologne Association of Jewish nurses. Elizabeth Moses began her studies at the unique  Humanistisches Mädchengymnasium am Marienplatz (humanistic girls' high school) in Cologne, a manifestation of the women’s movement there. A classmate was the later art historian Luise Straus.

Director of the Kimball Art Museum in Fort Worth, 1980-1998; masterful acquisitions assembler.  Pillsbury's father was Edmund Pennington Pillsbury (1913-1951) and his mother Priscilla Adele Keator (Pillsbury) (1915-2011).  He was the child of two major American industrial families, great-grandson to  Charles Alfred Pillsbury (1842-1889), founder of the Pillsbury Flour and through his mother the to Deere machinery fortune.  Pillsbury, graduated from Yale University where he was a noted athlete.  He received his M.A., and Ph.D, both from the Courtauld Insti

Renaissance-subject art historian and appraiser; part of the greater Richter family of art historians. Richter was the son of Clemens Max Richter, M.D. (1848–1936), a surgeon and Emma Sophia Bierwirth (Richter) (1853-1929), both German immigrants. His older cousin was Jean-Paul Richter, a Leonardo scholar in Germany. The younger Richter began college at the University of California, Berkeley with the intent of following in his father’s footsteps studying science. With his parents’ divorce, he accompanied his mother in returning to Dresden, Germany in 1896.