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Art and architectural historian; Professor at University of Königsberg and later Strasbourg; author of Handbuch der deutschen Kunstdenkmäler. Like many art historians, Dehio began as an historian. He studied history at Dorpat (Tartu) and 1869-71 in Göttingen with Georg Waitz (1813-1886), head of the Monumenta Germaniae Historica. In 1872 Dehio attained his doctorate in Munich, writing on the Archbishop Hartwig von Stade. His habilitation, on the history of the archbishopric of Hamburg-Bremen, was granted in 1877 in Munich under Wilhelm von Giesebrecht (1814-1889).

Medievalist and museum director, professor of art at Harvard. Köhler attended a Gymnasium in Wolfenbüttel. Between the years 1903-1907 he studied art history in Strassburg, Bonn, and finally Vienna. His dissertation in 1906 was written under the so-called "first" Vienna-school art historians Franz Wickhoff and advisor Max Dvořák. The following year he began a project of publishing illuminated manuscripts organized by school, Die karolingischen Miniaturen, for the Deutsche Verein für Kunstwissenschaft.

Scholar of Dutch baroque era and director of Staatliche Kupferstichkabinett in Dresden (1924-1941). Zoege von Manteuffel hailed from an aristocratic north-German/Danish family. He was the son of Gunther Zoege von Manteuffel (1850-1926) and Henriette "Rita" Ramm (Zoege von Manteuffel) (1857-1918). He studied jurisprudence and then art history at the universities of Munich, Berlin and Halle. He wrote a dissertation in Antonio Pisano but focused his research career on Flemish artists.