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Medievalist architectural historian and Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton, scholar; important Kunstwissenschaft Gothic theorist. Frankl's family stemmed from a line of Jewish scholars. His father a Prague businessman, was Carl Frankl and his mother Amalia von Wiener (Frankl). He attended to German Staats-Obergymnasium in Prague, graduating in 1896. Following a year's service in the Austrian military at a Lieutenant's rank in 1897, he entered the Technische Hochschule in Munich and then Berlin, graduating with a degree in (practicing) architecture in 1904.

Curator of the Kupferstichkabinett (Graphics Collection), Berlin State Museums and expertising authority.  Friedrich Lippmann was in Prague, the youngest son of a wealthy factory owner. He often travelled to Venice as a child with his father. After graduating from the Prague Gymnasium in 1856 he spent several months in Paris before attending university studying political science. in the 1860s he moved to Vienna to study both technology and the fine arts. There he met Rudolf von Eitelberger, the eminent founder of the Österreichisches Museum (Austrian Museum).

Early historian of photography; scholar of graphics in general. Schwarz graduated from the Akademisches Gymnasium in Vienna with an Abitur in 1913. He entered the university in Vienna studying art history, archaeology and philosophy. At the outbreak of World War I, Schwarz served in the Austrian miliary, 1914, assigned to the field artillery. He resumed his studies in 1919, writing a disseration on the beginning of lithography in Vienna, under the "Vienna School" scholar Max Dvořák, though his degree came after Dvořák's death in 1921.