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Bosch scholar and folk literature specialist. Fraenger's father was a judge and twice mayor of Erlangen, Emil Karl Hermann Fraenger; his mother was Wilhelmine Jacobine Fraenger. He entered the university in Heidelberg in 1910, beginning his art writing career with reviews of contemporary art shows for the Heidelberger Zeitung in 1912, including Alfred Kubin und Max Zachmann. Fraenger was awarded a prize by the University in 1913 for an essay, "Kunsttheorie des 17.

Director of the National Gallery, Berlin, 1909-1933, nephew of the art historian Carl Nicolaus Heinrich Justi. When Hugo von Tschudi, the controversial director of the National-Galerie, was fired by Kaiser Wilhelm II for buying work too modern and too foreign (e.g. French Post-Impressionism and the works of van Gogh), Justi replaced him. Justi's directorship fell under the control of the powerful Wilhelm Bode, director of the Generalverwaltung, the umbrella bureau of all Prussian art museums.

Specialist in ancient Greek and Roman art, particularly vase painting and Greek wall painting. Rumpf was the son of the artist Fritz Rumpf. Rumpf was editor of the influential Griechische und römische Kunst (1932, part of the Einleitung in der Altertumswissenschaft series). Professor at the University of Cologne (Institut für Klassische Archëologie) (1928-1960). Upon his retirement in 1960 he was succeeded at the University at Cologne by Heinz Kähler.