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Keeper of the National Gallery, London, 1878-1898 and Gothic architecture writer, nephew of Elizabeth and Charles Lock Eastlake. Eastlake was the son of George Eastlake (b. 1785), an Admiralty law agent and judge-advocate, and the nephew of the painter and future first director of the National Gallery, London, Charles Lock Eastlake. As his then unmarried uncle had no children, the painter spent much time with the younger Eastlake, seeing that he attended Westminster School.

First Director of the National Gallery, London 1855-65; painter and scholar of artist's materials. Son of a British Admiralty barrister at Plymouth, Eastlake attended local schools and, for a short time, Charterhouse, Surrey. He studied under the artist Benjamin Robert Haydon (1786-1846) beginning in 1809 and by 1815 was exhibiting. He traveled to France, visiting the Louvre (then known as the Musée Napoléon). His success as a painter allowed him to move to Rome in 1816.

British Museum Keeper of Prints and Drawings; scholar of Italian art. Popham was son of Arthur Frederick Popham, a failed architect who worked in the bookbinding division of the Doves Press, and Florence Radford Popham. Both parents were connected to the draper's firm of Popham and Radford, Plymouth. Popham's parents both had died by 1908. He was educated at Dulwich College and University College, London before being sent to King's College, Cambridge, by his guardian, where he graduated with a second-class in classics in 1911.