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doctor, scientist, scholar, art historian; purchased Raphael's Sistine Madonna (c. 1512-14), in 1753 for the Dresden Gemäldegalerie, wrote important monographs on Piranesi (1779), Mengs ( 1780) and antiquarian work, Descrizione dei circhi particolarmente di quello di Caracalla (1789).

Art historian, iconographer, and connoisseur; wrote early survey of Italian art. Van Marle studied in Paris at the école des Chartes and the école Pratique des Hautes études. In 1910, he took his degree of Docteur-ès-Lettres at the Sorbonne. His earliest writings are on Dutch medieval history. In 1908, he published Le Comté de Hollande sous Philippe le Bon (The County of Holland under Philippe le Bon), and in 1910 followed Hoorn au Moyen âge.

Wrote an important art book, Vite de' pittori, scultori ed architetti moderni (1730-36), focusing on modern painting.

Compiler of a famous early iconographic dictionary, the Iconologia. Little is known about Giovanni Campani, who wrote under the name of Ceasare Ripa. He was not a professional scholar, although he was associated with literary academies in Siena and Perugia. Ripa wrote as a leisure pursuit when not working as majordomo to Cardinal Antonio Maria Salvini (1537-1602). Ripa's fame rests solely on one dictionary of iconographic forms that was used heavily in the baroque world.

Author of Le finezze dei pennelli italiani ammirate e studiate da Girupeno sotto la scorta e la disciplina del genio di Raffaello d'Urbino, 1674, written as an artistic journey by a young guided by Raphael. The author describes the works of art found in various Italian cities. Scaramuccia added slightly to the bibliography of books on art that Raphaël Trichet du Fresne had compiled as an introduction to Leonardo's treatise in 1651.