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Medievalist architectural historian; principle scholar of St-Denis and chair of the Department of Art History, Yale University, 1947-1953. Crosby attended Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts before entering Yale University. At Yale the lectures of Marcel Aubert and Henri Focillon persuaded him to study art history. As a graduate student, he became fascinated with the abbey church of Saint-Denis, both as a school of manuscript illumination and as the birthplace of the gothic art form.

Artist and formal-analysis author on Cézanne paintings. Loran was born Erleloran Johnson. He entered University of Minnesota briefly, between 1922-1923, switching to the the Minneapolis School of Art (now the Minneapolis College of Art and Design), where he graduated in 1926. Through the Chaloner Foundation, a body funding the study of "great works of art" by students in the museums of Europe, he continued study on the continent. Johnson became fascinated by the artist Paul Cézanne.

Scholar of baroque painting and drawing. Moir's father was a medical doctor, William Wilmerding Moir; his mother was Blanche Kummer (Moir). He served in the U.S. Army, 1943-1946, rising to master sergeant. After the war, he attended Harvard University, receiving an A.B.L. in 1948 and an M.A. in 1949. Moir did graduate study at the University of Rome as a Fulbright fellow, 1950-1951, teaching as a graduate student at Tulane University, Newcomb College, New Orleans from 1952 to 1954. After his Ph.D.