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Dealer and historian of Italian art; documentary scholar on Leonardo. Richter's father was the distinguished Lutheran clergyman Karl Edmund Richter. The younger Richter also studied theology, school at Leipzig and acting as the tutor to the Landgrave Alexander Friedrich of Hesse. These student years afforded him much travel throughout Europe and the East. His knowledge of sites and travel brought him work writing for Karl Baedecker, the publisher of the famous travel guides. Richter discovered an interest in early Christian art and archaeology in 1869 during a trip to Italy.

Art historian and translator; novelist; wife of art historian Jean Paul Richter and mother to art historian G. M. A. Richter. Born in Broussa, Turkey which is present-day Bursa, Turkey. Schwaab's father was a silk manufacturer and American Consul, stationed principally in Broussa (modern Bursa, Turkey). She traveled extensively with her family as a child, much of it in Asia minor. She came to London with her sister where she met and married the art historian Jean Paul Richter in 1878.