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UCLA professor of art history, patronage scholar of Marxist methodology; political activist. Boime's father was Max Boime, a salesman, and his mother Dorothy Rubin (Boime), both eastern European Jewish immigrants. His father worked in the Brooklyn naval yards during World War II. The younger Boime, his interest in art stemming from cartooning, joined the U.S. Army in 1955 and was stationed in Germany. After discharge in 1958, he entered the University of California, Los Angeles, B.A., graduating in 1961. He continued to Columbia University, receiving his M.A., in 1963.

Modernist art historian; partner with Claes Oldenburg in artworks, 1977-2009. Bruggen's father was a medical doctor who held weekly salons for writers and painters at their home where she and her siblings participated. She studied art history at the Rijks University of Groningen, earning a graduate degree in 1967. Bruggen joined the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam the same year as a curator. She worked with conceptual artists Doug Wheeler, Larry Bell, Jan Dibbets and Ger van Elk, marrying around this time.

Lecturer, art critic and art writer of the Weimar Republic. Deri was born in Pressburg, Germany, which is present-day Pozsony, Hungary. He was the son of Ignatz Deutsch (1844-1929), a lawyer and writer, and Therese Pollak (Deutsch). The family changed their surname to “Deri” after a conversion to Christianity from Judaism. After graduating from the Akademisches Gymnasium in Vienna in 1897 he studied mechanical engineering at the Technische Hochschule in Charlottenburg, 1897-1901.  In 1901 he switched to art history in nearby Berlin and then Vienna and Halle.

Italianist and second Director of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), 1966-1979. Donahue's parents were Samuel J. Donahue and Ida Walton (Donahue). Donahue graduated from the University of Louisville with degrees in political science and public administration, beginning his art career as art librarian at the University of Louisville, Louisville, KY in 1936. He moved to New York as a staff lecturer at the Museum of Modern Art in 1938. Donahue married Daisy Cain in 1940, receiving his A.M. in 1942. After graduation he left MoMA in 1943 to enter the U.S.

Art critic, lecturer, painter, curator, and professor; known for his expertise and work with Jewish art and aesthetics, especially painting, synagogue architecture and art. Kayser was born as Stephen Salli Kayser in Karlsruhe, Germany to parents Siegbert Kayser and Mina Hilb (Kayser). He began his education at the humanistisches Gymnasium in Karlsruhe. For his higher education, Kayser generally studied art history, philosophy, and musicology at Technische Hochschule Karlsruhe from 1919 to 1922, under professors like Carl Neumann.

Byzantinist art history professor, historiographer of art. Kleinbauer studied under economics at the University of California, Kleinbauer was the son and namesake of Walter Eugene Kleinbauer and Bernice Barnett (Kleinbauer). After attending secondary school he recieved his bachelor's degree at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1959. He continued at Berkeley, now in art history, writing a master's thesis under Walter W. Horn in 1962.

Medievalist. Ladner was the son of wealthy and cultured Jewish parents of Bohemian decent. His father Oscar Leopold Ladner, was a Viennese factory owner; his mother was Alice Burian (Ladner) (d. 1936). His family vacationed with among others, Sigmund Freud's and he knew Anna Freud well. Ladner attended the Bundesgymnasium XIX in Vienna, graduating in 1924. He early fell under the spell of the poet Stefan George and contemplated a career as a poet.

Artist, art critic, librarian, and university lecturer who specialized in avant-garde and Dada art and the works of Leonardo da Vinci. Kate Trauman was born in Beuthen, Germany (present day Bytom, Poland) in 1889 to Arnold Trauman (d. 1910) and Magdalena Mannheimer (Trauman). From 1911-1913, Steinitz studied fine arts at the studios in Paris with Käthe Kollwitz and Lovis Corinth and various art studios in Berlin from 1912-1914. She married Ernst Steinitz, MD, also from Beuthen, (1881-1942), in 1913.  In 1918, she moved from Berlin to Hannover.

Artist, Professor of Modern art and Director, UCLA Art Galleries. Wight's parents were Carol Van Buren Wight (b. 1875) a professor of classics at Johns Hopkins University, and Alice Stallknecht (Wight), an artist. He graduated from the University of Virginia in 1923, traveling to France to study painting at the Academie Julien, 1923-1925, as well as elsewhere in Europe. He married Joan Bingham in 1936. Wight began writing novels, South (1935), The Chronicle of Aaron Kane (1936) and Youth in Trust (1937). During World War II, Wight served in the U.S.

Medievalist of Marxist revisionist methodology. Welch attended Bennington College in Vermont, but left school before graduating in order to marry and raise a family. As the wife of a successful businessman, she developed the recreational passions of deep-sea fishing and wine connoisseurship. After her family was raised, she returned to college in her forties, graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles, in 1973. At UCLA, she studied under the methodologically-Marxist social art historian O. K.

East-Asianist art historian and museum curator, Strzygowski student, dismissed by Nazis, later taught at UCLA. After brief periods of study at Munich and Freiburg, With met and assisted Karl Ernst Osthaus, who later founded the Folkwang-Museum in Hagen, at the Museum für Kunst in Handel und Gewerbe in 1911. The next year he began studies with Josef Rudolf Thomas Strzygowski at the University of Vienna where he specialized in Asian art. His dissertation in 1918 was on Buddhist sculpture in Japan.