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Curator of ancient decorative arts at the Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels. Crick studied art history and archaeology with Marcel Laurent at the university of Liège. In 1919, she obtained her doctoral degree with a dissertation on Romanesque art in the valley of the Meuse river. After her studies, she created the catalogs of the drawings (1919) and the engravings (1920) in the collections of the city of Liège. In 1920, she published a monograph on the drawings of Lambert Lombard, who lived in Liège between 1505 and 1566.

First chief curator of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Brussels; professor of aesthetics and art history; art critic; writer. At age seventeen, Fierens-Gevaert enrolled at the Brussels Royal Conservatory of Music. In 1890 he won the Premier Prix de Chant. In this year he married Jacqueline Marthe Gevaert, the daughter of the famous musician François Auguste Gevaert (1828-1908). Fierens then joined the Opera of the city of Lille, but he unfortunately damaged his voice, which meant the end of his career as a singer.

Neo-gothic revivalist; painter and art historian. Jules Helbig was the son of the banker Jean-Baptist Helbig (1781-1852) and Anne-Marie Lauteren (1790-?), both from Mainz, Germany. The young Helbig was born in Liège, Belgium, where his father had settled in 1804. After the death of his mother, Helbig grew up in the castle of Breuberg (Darmstadt-Hessen), where his uncle served as a steward. At age thirteen Helbig returned to his birthplace in Belgium.

Vasari emulator, flemish