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Medievalist and modernist, Albers scholar. Bucher was born to Aloïs Bucher and Gabrielle Zundel (Bucher). He attended the Zürich Gymnasium Zürich, receiving a B.A., in 1947. After additional graduate study at the universities of Zürich and Rome, Bucher began teaching as a lecturer at the University of Bern, Switzerland in 1952, continuing to work on his Ph.D. He emigrated to the United States where he taught, also as an instructor, at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis between 1953 and 1954. In 1954 he married Elizabeth R.

Author of the first American survey of ancient sculpture, archaeologist, and historian of Classical Antiquity. Mitchell, then Myers, was the daughter of Christian missionaries working in Persia. Mitchell is one of two historians of Classical Antiquity in her family. Her brother, Johny Henry Wright studied the language, culture, and art of ancient Greece.

Co-editor of major art-history encyclopedia, Summa Artis. Pijoán began his career in Spain. In 1914 he issued a general account of world art, Historia de arte. He married Genevieve Bugnion (Pijoán). In the United States Pijoan taught at Pomona College. He reissued and updated his Historia in a three-volume English edition in 1928, with Robert B. Harshe of the Art Institute of Chicago and Ralph Loveland Roys (1879-1965). In 1930 Pijoán was put in charge of selecting a muralist to decorate the refectory of the college.

Architectural historian/restorer; major theorist of the Gothic in 19th-century France; responsible for the "over-restoration" of many Gothic churches in France. Viollet-le-Duc's father was Sous-Contrôleur des Services for the Tuileries, a civil servant position, book collector and arts enthusiast. His mother (d. 1832) conducted Friday salons from the family's home where writers such as Stendahl and Prosper Mérimée (1803-1870)--later commissioner of historic monuments, attended. His bachelor uncle, the painter/scholar E. J.