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Americanist, especially on Abstract Expressionism and particularly Franz Kline. Gaugh graduated from Indiana University in 1960. He initially considered a career in journalism, working as a police and court reporter in Chicago while earning an M.A. in journalism in 1963. He became interested in art history, writing a second M.A. in art history in 1966 and joining the faculty of Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY. A 1972 dissertation on Franz Kline, the first ever, was granted also from Indiana University.

Egyptologist; director of the joint Museum of Fine Arts of Boston and Harvard University Egyptian excavations; curator of Egyptian art at Boston (1910-1942). Reisner was born to George Andrew Reisner and Mary Elizabeth Mason (Reisner). His father's forebears had been German immigrants. Reisner was raised in Indiana and attended Harvard University graduating with an A. B., in 1889 and an A. M. in 1891. At Harvard he received a study grant to research cuneiform at the University in Göttingené; he studied additionally under the Egyptologist Adolf Erman (1854-1937) in Berlin.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, curator of Egyptian art, 1959-1969. Smith was the son of Louis Ferdinand and Edna Stevenson (Smith). He attended University of Chicago between 1924 and 1926 before switching to Harvard University where he gained his A. B. in 1928. He continued graduate work at Harvard. Smith participated in the joint Egyptian expedition between Harvard and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, to excavate the Giza Pyramids, 1930-39, under MFA Boston curator George Andrew Reisner. Smith received his Ph.D.

Philadelphia Museum of Art Prints curator, 1941-1963. Zigrosser was the son of an Austrian immigrant, Hugo A. Zigrosser (1860-1935), a civil engineer, and an American, Emma Haller (Zigrosser) (b. 1870), both Roman Catholics. The younger Zigrosser was fluent in German from an early age. After graduating from the Newark (N. J.) Academy in 1908, he attended Columbia College, Columbia University, with the intent of becoming a chemist. He received his B. A.