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Writer on nineteenth-century Dutch painting; painter and art critic. As a young girl, Marius learned painting and drawing with Jan Striening (1827-1903) in Deventer. Around 1880, she became a pupil of August Allebé (1838-1927) at the Amsterdam Academy of Fine Arts. In 1883, she settled in The Hague as a painter. Her works, drawings, watercolors, and paintings, mostly kept in private collections, are not widely known. Letters written by the painter Jan Toorop (1858-1928) to Marius reveal some information on her work.

Rembrandt expert and researcher, Professor of Art History at the University of Amsterdam (1987 – 1999). Van de Wetering’s parents were Gerardus Hermanus van de Wetering, an electrical engineer and amateur artistand, Anna Maria Bahlmann a German. During World War II his father belonged to the NSB (Nationaal-Socialistische Beweging in Nederland), the Dutch Nazi party, led by Anton Mussert (1894-1946). With the liberation of western Europe in 1944, his mother took the family to Hamburg to avoid a hostile Netherlands.