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Bosch scholar and folk literature specialist. Fraenger's father was a judge and twice mayor of Erlangen, Emil Karl Hermann Fraenger; his mother was Wilhelmine Jacobine Fraenger. He entered the university in Heidelberg in 1910, beginning his art writing career with reviews of contemporary art shows for the Heidelberger Zeitung in 1912, including Alfred Kubin und Max Zachmann. Fraenger was awarded a prize by the University in 1913 for an essay, "Kunsttheorie des 17.

Specialist in ancient Greek and Minoan art, particularly the juncture between the preclassical and classical ages. Maintained in 1935 book that the monumental classical Greek sculpture owed much more to the creativity of the Greeks than to "oriental" precursors. Studied at the German University of Prague (1917-1921). Dozent (tutor/lecturer, 1930-1935) and then Professor of Classical Archaeology (1935-1945) at the German University of Prague. A.o. Professor for Archaeology and Epigraphics at Erlangen University (1954-1963).

Specialist in Greek and Roman Art. Lippold was the son of a German supreme court judge. He studied at Munich and Berlin (1903-1907) where he was one of the last students of Adolf Furtwängler who greatly influenced Lippold's work. Initially Lippold worked as a volunteer at the Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseum in Mainz, 1908, and at the Martin von Wagner Museum in Wurzburg 1910-11. In 1912 he completed his Habilitationsschrift, allowing him to lecture in Munich, which he did in 1919.