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Byzantinist and mosaics conservator. Hawkins received no formal training in art history. He apprenticed as a sculptor to the architectural carver Lawrence A. Turner from 1922 until 1927. As a sculptor he worked in a neo-Romanesque style, producing work for Westminster Cathedral (the staircase to the pulpit, added at the time of remodeling in 1934) and the screen to St. Patrick's Chapel. He married Hilda Routen in 1930.

Courtauld Institute professor and librarian, instrumental force in moving Warburg library to London and administering it duirng Warburg's mental illness. Saxl was born to Ignaz Saxl and Wilhelmine Falk (Saxl). His father was a distinguished state attorney in Vienna. Although of devout Jewish grandparentage, Saxl's father had rejected religion and the children were raised in a secular, culturally-Jewish home.

Michelangelo scholar and Deputy Director of the Courtauld Institute, professor 1950-58. Wilde was raised in Hungary. His parents were Richard Wilde (1840-1912) and Rosalie Somjágy (Wilde) (1854-1928). He attended the State Gymnasium in Budapest before the University of Budapest, 1909-1913 where he studied art, archaeology and philosophy, then one semester at the University of Freiburg before settling at the University of Vienna, 1915-1917. In Vienna he studied under Vienna-school scholar Max Dvořák, with whom he wrote his doctorate in 1918 on early Italian etching.