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Heinrich Wölfflin student; taught at Basel (1911) and Strassbourg (1914), killed in action in World War I. Heidrich's Beiträge zur Geschichte und Methode der Kunstgeschichte was one of the early attempts to address the discipline of art history.

Banker; art collector. Renders was born as Émile-Léon Houvenaeghel. He was adopted by the Bruges antiquarian August-Adolf Renders, receiving the family name Houvenaeghel-Renders, abridged to Renders in 1907. He married Julienne Sylvie D'Hoore (1875-1956). From 1920 onwards, Renders unscrupulously purchased a considerable collection of early Flemish paintings. Throughout his career, he collaborated with the painter and restorer Joseph van der Veken (1872-1964).