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Founder, Museum of Modern Art, New York. Barr was the son of a Presbyterian minister, Alfred Hamilton Barr, Sr., and a homemaker Annie Elizabeth Wilson (Barr). The family moved to Baltimore where Barr was raised. His childhood friends included Edward Stauffer King, later director of the Walters Art Gallery. Barr graduated at age 16 (valedictorian) from high school and entered Princeton University in 1918. At that the same year he read Henry Adam's Mont Saint Michel and Chartres influencing him toward art history.

Medievalist art historian. Born Ilene Haering, she was the daughter of Austin F. Haering (1903-1975) and Eleanor Middleton (Haering) (1903-2002). She received her B. A. in English literature at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1950. Haering spent the following year in Europe where the mosaics of Ravenna, among other monuments, enticed her study art. She entered Columbia University's graduate school, obtaining a master's degree in 1955. She traveled through Europe, building a large photographic collection of monuments.

Director of the Cleveland Museum of Art, 2000-2005. Lee was the daughter to the art historian Sherman E. Lee, later himself a director of the Cleveland Museum of Art. After attending Laurel School for Girls, Shaker Heights, OH, in 1959, Lee graduated from Vassar College magna cum laude in art history in 1963. She was a Fulbright scholar for the 1963-1964 year, receiving a Master's Degree from Harvard University in 1966.

University of Chicago professor of baroque art. Maser attended the university of Michigan before entering the U.S. Army Air Corps in 1943 during World War II. He returned to the University of Chicago where he gained his master's degree in 1948 with a 157-page master's paper on Thomas Patch and Ignatius Hugford. Maser traveled to the University of Frankfurt 1949-1950 and then Florence (1950-1952) for graduate study. While writing his dissertation, he taught art history at Northwestern University before accepting a professorship in 1953 at the University of Kansas.

German-art scholar; professor of 19th- and 20th-century art, University of Michigan, 1958-. Miesel attended Wayne State University as an undergraduate receiving his bachelor's degree in 1950. He continued on to the University of Michigan, obtaining his M.A. in 1951. While working on his Ph.D. he taught as an assistant professor of art history beginning in 1958. He wrote his dissertation on Peter Paul Rubens and the influence of antique art under Harold Wethey. His Ph.D. was granted in 1959.

Museum director and historian of Chinese and Japanese art. Pope received a Ph.D. in Chinese studies and Fine Arts from Harvard University in 1955. He also studied European collections of Chinese art at the Courtald Institute of Art in London, and the Harvard-Yenching Institute. After spending three years as a lecturer of Chinese art at Columbia University, Pope was hired as a research associate at the Freer Gallery of Art in Washgington, D. C., and was appointed its director in 1962.

Historian of Spanish and Italian renaissance art; early art history professor at Harvard. Post was born to William R. Post and Anne M. Rathfon (Post). He graduated from the University [grammar] School in Detroit and then attended Harvard University, graduating with a B.A. in Spanish literature in 1904. His classmates included Franklin Roosevelt and Hispanic scholar Hayward Keniston (1883-1970). He spent the academic year 1904-5 at the American School in Athens working on his master's thesis on Greek literature. His Harvard master's thesis was granted in 1906.

Ernst Scheyer was born in Breslau, which is present-day Wrocław, Poland. His parents were Norbert Scheyer (1869-1932), a lumber wholesaler and Martha Beuthner (Scheyer) (1882-1943), both Jewish. After graduating from the St Elisabeth-Gymnasium in Breslau in 1919 he attended the universities in Breslau and Freiburg studying law, economics and philosophy, receiving doctor rerum politicarum (political science) in 1922. After two years of travel, he returned to graduate school, moving between the universities of Heidelberg and Cologne studying art history, sociology and ethnology, 1924-1926.