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Director of the collection of antique sculpture and vases at the Berlin Museum (1889-?) and also director of the antiquarium of the Berlin Museum (1896-?). Kekulé was the nephew of the famous organic chemist Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz (1829-1896). Kekulé studied at the universities of Erlangen under Karl Friedrichs, and at Berlin under Eduard Gerhard, Johann Gustav Droysen (1808-1884), and August Böckh (1785-1867). His time in Rome with Enrico Brunn was most influential for his later writing.

Historian of Spanish art. Mayer's parents were Jonas Mayer and Bertha Liebmann (Mayer). His father was a merchant in Darmstadt. Mayer attended the Neues Gymnasium in Darmstadt, graduating in 1904. He studied art history, archaeolog and Germanistik at the universities at Munich and Berlin. In 1907 he received his Ph.D. from Berlin, writing a dissertation on Jusepe Ribera under Heinrich Wölfflin. He published his thesis as a book the following year.

Early Albrecht Dürer historian

Specialist in ancient Greek and Roman art, particularly ceramic painting and funerary art. a.o. Professor at the University of Rostock, 1904-1909. Professor at the University of Giessen, 1909-1916, and Tübingen University, 1918-1947. He was succeeded at Tübingen by Bernhard Schweitzer.