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Winslow Homer scholar and professor of art, Bowdoin College, 1936-1978. Beam's parents were Millard Filmore Beam and Georgia Bettye Avera (Beam). He graduated from Harvard University, cum laude in 1933, joining the William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Art (later Nelson-Atkins Museum) in Kansas City, MO, the same year, under Paul Gardner, and working with Otto Wittmann, Jr. Beam was appointed professor at the Kansas City Art Institute as well. He traveled to London receiving a Certificate of the Courtauld Institute in 1936.

Brettell was born in Rochester, New York.  When he was eight his family moved to Denver, Colorado, and spent his formative years there. He entered Yale University, intent on studying molecular biophysics until hearing professor George Kubler speak, changing his mind to study art history. Brettell received his Bachelor's and Master's, degrees from Yale. At Yale, Brettell met Zoe Caroline Bieler (b. 1950), a graduate student in cultural anthropology, who he married in 1973. He mounted his first art installation, a photography exhibition at Yale, the same year.

Professor of medieval art and chair of art history at University of California, Berkeley. Stahl was the son of German immigrants. He graduated from Tulane University in 1964 with a B.A. The following year he was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to study at the Musée du Louvre in Paris. Returning to the United States, he was awarded a Bernard Fellowship in memory of Robert Lehman in 1965 to attend New York University. He earned both his M.A. (1966) and Ph.D.(1974) from the University's Institute of Fine Arts.

Editor-in-Chief, Buildings US. BS from Northwestern University (1954), MA from University of Delaware (1956), PhD from Columbia University (1961). Professor, University of Delaware (Department Chairman, 1981-1986, 1993-)

Pioneer feminist art historian and Spanish-art scholar. Tufts was the daughter of James A. Tufts, a New Hampshire businessman, and Hazel Weinbeck (Tufts), a school teacher. She graduated from Simmons College with a B.S. in Spanish in 1949, working initially as executive secretary at Boston University between 1950 until 1956. She worked on a master's degree in art history at neighboring Radcliffe College, awarded to her in 1957. Her thesis was written with the assistance of Millard Meiss and Jakob Rosenberg.