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Harvard professor and director of the Walters Art Gallery and Cleveland Museum of Art. Bergman attended Rutgers University undergraduate, graduating in 1966. His master's degree, 1969 and Ph.D., 1972, were both awarded from Princeton University. He received Fulbright and Guggenheim fellowships. His dissertation, written under Kurt Weitzmann was on the Salerno Ivories. In 1971 he taught as an assistant at Princeton, joining Harvard in 1976 as associate professor of fine arts. He published a revised version of his thesis in 1980.

Distinguished professor of art history, Indiana University, Bloomington, specialist in the Art of Renaissance Italy. Cole was raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated with a BA from Western Reserve University in 1962, earning his master’s degree in art history at Oberlin in two years later. Following this, Cole completed his doctorate in art history at Bryn Mawr in 1969. His dissertation examined the work of fourteenth century Florentine painter Agnolo Gaddi (c.1350–1396).

Scholar of the norther Renaissance in art. Professor of Art History, University of Iowa. Cuttler was born to Morris Joseph Cuttler and Nettie Wolff (Cuttler). After attending Ohio State University where he received a B.F.A. in 1935 and M.A., 1937. He was awarded a Carnegie fellowship to study at the University of Paris, 1937. He initially joined the University of Colorado, Boulder, as an instructor in art history in 1938, and a fellow at University of Brussels under the Belgian American Educational Foundation in 1939.

Architect and first curator of the department of architecture of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1932. Johnson was the son of a wealthy Cleveland attorney Homer M. Johnson, and an equally wealthy and cultured mother, Louise Pope (Johnson). He entered Harvard in 1923 without taking the qualifying exam. The following year his father divided a large amount of his fortune between his children, his daughters receiving cash, and Philip given stock in Alcoa Aluminum. This was the source of a lifelong financial independence.

Medievalist, director of the Cleveland Museum of Art, 1930-1958. Milliken was the son of Thomas Kennedy Milliken and Mary Spedding Mathewson (Milliken) (1858-1932). His father was a New York linen importer and manufacturer. The younger Milliken entered Princeton in 1907 as part of the class of 1911, but illness delayed his graduation. Summers were spent traveling in Europe where he became familiar with the Gothic churches and art museums. After graduation, Milliken was offered but declined an offer to work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, cataloging objects.

African-American author, lecturer, and civil rights activist; first author to publish a book on African-American art. Freeman Henry Morris Murray was born in 1859 in Cleveland, Ohio to John M. Murray (d. 1862), a tailor, and Martha [Mary] Bentley (Murray). Murray’s ethnic background was diverse; his father was a white man of Scottish descent and his mother had Irish, Native American, and African roots.

Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art 1955-1966 and head of the U.S. army art recovery unit in World War II. Rorimer was born to Louis Rorimer (1872-1939), a prominent interior designer and teacher at the Cleveland School of Art and Edith Rorimer. The young Rorimer attended private schools were he was especially interested in drawing and carving. He studied in Europe before college for two years at the École Gory in Paris. In 1922 he returned to the United States, entering Harvard University the following year.

Architectural historian. Wiebenson was the daughter of a building contractor, Edward Ralph Wiebenson, and his wife Jeannette Rodier (Wiebenson). After graduating from Vassar College with an A. B. in 1946 she entered Harvard University, securing a second Bachelor's degree in Architecture in 1951. She moved to New York where she worked as a designer and draftsperson in various architectural offices in New York City between 1951 and 1958. That year she was awarded an A.M. from New York University, continuing for her doctorate. While working on her Ph.