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Early and seminal art critic of the New York School of painting, particularly for the work of Jackson Pollock. Greenberg's parents were Joseph Greenberg (1884-1977) and Dora Brodwin (Greenberg) (1888-1925), Russian immigrants who successfully operated clothing stores, factories and real estate in the Bronx, NY. He grew up in the Bronx except for the period 1914-1915 when the family lived in Norfolk, VA. In later years, his parents would be the model for what Greenberg saw as philistine American attitudes toward art.

Feminist art historian of 19th- and 20th-century French art. Lipton was the daughter of Louis and Trudy Lipton. Her father was a Jewish immigrant, originally from Latvia, now a businessman/entrepreneur; her mother a bookkeeper. Both parents held strong Marxist views. From an early age, she manifested an interest in things French, her first trip to that country was made when she was 19. Lipton attended the City College of the City University of New York, earning a B.A.

New York Times art critic, 1974-1990, and author of art history books. Russell was the son of Isaac James Russell and Harriet Elizabeth Atkins (Russell). Raised by his grandparents, he attended St. Paul's school, London before studying philosophy and economics at Magdalen College, Oxford, receiving a B.A. in 1940. Initially, Russell worked at the Tate Gallery as an unpaid intern until the building was bombed during the Blitzkrieg; he was then evacuated to Worcestershire. He served in the British Admiralty during World War II in Naval Intelligence Division between 1942 until 1945.