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Modernist. Art historian of Bolognese and Emilian art from the fourteenth century to the contemporary; critic. Arcangeli was born to Adolfo and Maria Villani. He was one of four siblings, all of whom were creative. Gaetano was a poet and humanities professor, Nino was a musician, and Bianca was a painter. Arcangeli began his studies at the University of Bologna in 1933 where he studied under the respected art historian and critic Roberto Longhi, Professor of Art History and chair in History of Medieval and Modern Art.

doctor, scientist, scholar, art historian; purchased Raphael's Sistine Madonna (c. 1512-14), in 1753 for the Dresden Gemäldegalerie, wrote important monographs on Piranesi (1779), Mengs ( 1780) and antiquarian work, Descrizione dei circhi particolarmente di quello di Caracalla (1789).

Author of Vite dei pittori ed artefici bolognesi, (1841-3), modernist revision of Bolognese artists dictionary.

Archaeologist and art historian of Etruscan and prehistory. Brizio studied and excavated at the sites of Pompeii and the Roman Forum (Forum Romanum) in Rome. His association with Enrico Brunn at the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) taught him formal analysis of Greek art, the basis for his later art history. He traveled to Greece in 1874. In 1876 he was named chair at the University of Bologna for archaeology and numismatics. His lectures exposed his students to the German stylistic analysis.

Classicist, fascist collaborator. Pericule Ducati grew up in a bourgeois family originally from Trento. He attended the University of Bologna studying Greek and Latin literature under Giosuè Carducci (1835-1907) and archaeology under Edoardo Brizio. According to the Italian XIX century academic model, he studied classical archaeology at various universities including, in particular, Rome where he studied under the Italian art historian Luigi Pigorini (q.v.) and ancient Roman topography under Rodolfo Lanciani.

Wrote the Great Centuries of Painting (Skira) volume on Gothic art with Jacques Dupont, (1954). Giotto scholar. In Bologna, Gnudi sponsored many exhibitions with Denis Mahon, bringing Italian Baroque artists to a higher profile. Historian of Italian art, particularly Bolognese art, curator and medieval and modern art professor at University of Bologna. Gnudi attended the University of Bologna completing his studies with a thesis on the XVth century Italian sculptor Niccolò dell'Arca (Bari 1435 - Bologna, 1494).

Painter and art historian; author of the earliest guide to Bologna, Graticola di Bologna, written in the 1560's but not published until 1844.

Scholar of Sicilian medieval architecture. While a student at the Technische Hochschule, Dresden he travelled to Sicily in 1910 to study the architecture of four small towns, Castrogiovanni (today known as Enna), Piazza Armerina, Nicosia and Randazzo, in order to trace the influence of Lombardic culture in the indigenous architecture. His dissertation, published in 1917, was on that very topic (Passalacqu). Leopold's Ph.D. advisors were the medievalist Hugo Hartung (1855-1932), art historian Cornelius Gurlitt and Robert Bruck (b. 1863).

Wrote a history of painting in Bologna through biographies of Bolognese artists in 1678. Malvasia was born to an aristocratic Bolognese family. He gained early fame for his poetry and dabbled in painting as an aristocratic pursuit under Giacinto Campana (b. 1600) and Giacomo Cavedone and the literary academy dei Gelati.

Writer and historian of Italian artists and painting. Orlandi was a member of the Carmelite order and lived at the Bolognese convent of San Martino, where he collected paintings and prints. Orlandi's art historical research earned him membership in the Bolognese Accademia Clementina. In 1704, he published the Abecedario pittorico, the first collection of artists biographies organized alphabetically in Italian. The book's second edition was published in 1719.

Scholar of the Italian baroque and especially Guido Reni; collector. Pepper studied at Columbia University under Howard Hibbard. Interested in the contemporary art scene, Pepper met the rising African-American figurative expressionist painter, Bob Thompson. He and Thompson traveled together on the Queen Elizabeth ship to Paris in 1961. It may have been Pepper who introduced Thompson to baroque painting imagery which the artist later used in his work.

Renaissance scholar; Università di Bologna professor of art history from 1907 to 1933.