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Byzantinist art history professor, historiographer of art. Kleinbauer studied under economics at the University of California, Kleinbauer was the son and namesake of Walter Eugene Kleinbauer and Bernice Barnett (Kleinbauer). After attending secondary school he recieved his bachelor's degree at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1959. He continued at Berkeley, now in art history, writing a master's thesis under Walter W. Horn in 1962.

Early American historian of African art, founder of the discipline of African art history in the United States; Rudy Professor of Fine Arts, Indiana University, 1974-. As a child, Sieber accompanied his parents on trips to Chicago visiting the Art Institute of Chicago and, most importantly for him, the Field Museum where many African artifacts were displayed. He graduated from the New School for Social Research in New York in 1949 guided in his studies by Meyer Schapiro, Rudolf Arnheim, and the artist Mauricio Lasansky.

Classical art scholar and professor at Bryn Mawr; wrote an early important survey of ancient art. Swindler was born to Harrison T. Swindler and Ida M. Hamilton (Swindler). She received her bachelor's from Indiana University in 1905 and her Master’s in 1906. She then worked as a scholar and then a fellow in Greek at Bryn Mawr College from 1906-1909. achieved early recognition through a 1909 article identifying a pot as by the Penthesilea Painter. A Mary E.