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Painter and art historian.

Medievalist art historian at the University in Bern, 1934-1968. Hahnloser's father was a physician with an appreciation for modern art. The young man grew up knowing the modern Swiss artists of his day, including Pierre Bonnard, Vuillard, Felix Vallotton, Giovanni Giacometti, and Ferdinand Hodler. He studied art history at the university in Basle under Friedrich Rintelen. Beginning in 1921 he entered the university in Vienna working under Julius von Schlosser.

Medieval manuscript scholar. Homburger attended the local Gymnasium in Karlsruhe, graduating and spending a year in volunteer military service in 1903. He studied under Adolph Goldschmidt and the medievalist paleographer Ludwig Traube (1818-1876). In 1912 he published Die Anfänge der Malschule von Winchester im X. Jahrhundert, a study between the Winchester School illuminators and their continental counterparts. He served in the military in the First World War 1914-18.

Specialist in classical Roman art. First recipient of the Schweizer Institut in Rome (Swiss Institute in Rome) fellowship in 1946. Professor at the University of Bern 1957-. Jucker and Giovanni Becatti were among the first to show the extent Roman art was indebted to Greek artists for the late Republic and early empire.

Renaissance and medievalist art historian at the university in Bern, 1905-1934. Weese's family were from the Silesian area of Prussia (modern Poland). His father, Ernst Weese, was a merchant; his mother was Clara Schreiber (Weese). He was born in Warschau, Prussia, which is present-day Warsaw, Poland. He married an opthamologist daughter, Grete Förster. Weese studied at the universities in Breslau, Leipzig, Munich and Rome. He wrote his habilitation in Munich in 1898 on the sculpture of Bamberg cathedral. He remained a privatdozent there until 1905.