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Architectural historian; curator of Sir John Sloan's Museum; co-founder of the Wren Society. Bolton was the son of Thomas Bolton (1819-1895), a lawyer, and Emily Wildman (1831-1906). He attended Haileybury College before entering University College, London, in 1882. In 1884 he apprenticed to the architect Sir Robert W. Edis (1839-1927), continuing to study architecture at the Architectural Association between 1885 and 1888. He formed his own private practice in 1890 designing minor works and some county home estates and gardens.

Keeper of the National Gallery, London, 1878-1898 and Gothic architecture writer, nephew of Elizabeth and Charles Lock Eastlake. Eastlake was the son of George Eastlake (b. 1785), an Admiralty law agent and judge-advocate, and the nephew of the painter and future first director of the National Gallery, London, Charles Lock Eastlake. As his then unmarried uncle had no children, the painter spent much time with the younger Eastlake, seeing that he attended Westminster School.

Freudian art historian and art critic. Stokes' father, Durham Stokes, was an eccentric stock broker who had once run for office in Parliament under the Liberal party. His affluence allowed the younger Stokes to live financially independent his entire life. Adrian Stokes attended the Rugby School. During World War I, his elder brother Philip was killed in France. Stokes entered Magdalen College, Oxford where he read philosophy, politics and classics. He achieved a second class in those fields in 1923 as well as excellence in tennis.