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Spanish art authority. Student of Wilhelm Waeztoldt and Adolph Goldschmidt. Fled to Paris during WW II under the assumed name of André Vernet. 1952 returned to Germany.

Archaeologist and scholar of Greek pottery. Loeschcke studied archaeology under Johannes Overbeck in Leipzig between 1871-73, together with fellow student Adolf Furtwängler. He continued study at Bonn under Reinhard Kekulé von Stradonitz where he specialized in pottery.

Scholar of Renaissance- and northern-European architecture and art; art historical theorist; chair of the art history department at Leipzig University (1893-1919). Schmarsow studied under Carl Nicolaus Heinrich Justi, who profoundly influenced him. In 1893 he succeed Anton Springer as chair of art history at the University in Leipzig, beating out Heinrich Wölfflin.