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Philosopher of perception and art; used Gestalt psychology for his art-historical studies. Arnheim was the son of Georg Arnheim (1867-1944), a piano factory owner, and Betty Gutherz (Arnheim) (1879-1966). He was raised in Berlin, attending the Herdergymnasium (Abitur 1923). His parents intended him to assume the family business, but beginning in 1923 Arnheim, studied art and music history, philosophy and psychology at the University of Berlin with Gestalt-based scholars Wolfgang Köhler (1887-1967) and Kurt Lewin (1890-1947). His Ph.D.

Architectural historian and Byzantinist. Forsyth's father was George H. Forsyth and his mother Sarah Brockunier (Forsyth). He attended Princeton University, graduating in 1923. After than, Forsyth secured a Mediaeval Academy fellowship for the 1924-1925 year which earned him a master's degree of fine arts at Princeton under Charles Rufus Morey in 1927. Forsyth married Eleanor Marquand (1897-1988) the same year, the daughter of Princeton's Department of Art and Archaeology's founder, Allan Marquand.

Scholar of Spanish Baroque and Italian art; professor of art history at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1940-1972. Wethey's parents were Charles Edwin Wethey and Flora Keck (Wethey). His undergraduate degree, in Romance Languages from Cornell University, was granted in 1923. After a brief time in business, Wethey continued graduate study at Harvard University receiving his M.A. in 1931 and his Ph.D. in art history in 1935. His dissertation, written under Chandler R. Post, was on Gil de Siloe and his school.