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Medievalist of the early Christian/Byzantine era. Married to the art museum director Heribert Hutter.

Private scholar who worked extensively with husband Otto Kurz to produce publications on a variety of art historical topics. Hilde Kurz was born as Hilde Schüller in Vienna to parents Richard Schüller (1870-1972), a lawyer, doctor, and professor, and Emma Rosenthal (Schüller) (1880-1968). Hilda Schüller studied at Mädchenrealgymnasium in Josefstadt, Vienna, where she received her Abitur in 1928.

Professor of art history, University of Vienna. Schmidt parents were a doctor (father) and a school teacher (mother). He served the Nazi Reich as a soldier in the Second World war and was interned in an American POW camp. Released after the war, he entered the University in Vienna to study medicine. The next year he switched to art history. He received his doctorate in art history in 1951, his dissertation topic was on French relief sculpture. His habilitation followed in 1959 with the title Die Armenbibeln des XIV. Jahrhunderts (Armenian Bibles of the Fourteenth Century).