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Nazi art historian; director of the Kunstgeschichtliche Seminar, Universität Hamburg  (Art History Seminar at the University of Hamburg); responsible for the exile of many Jewish art historians.

Netherlandish art scholar. Brand was born in Altona, Germany, which is present-day greater Hamburg, Germany. Brand was the daughter of Friedrich Wilhelm Brand (1875-1913), a ship owner, and Anna Majud (Brand) (1876-1943). She studied art history, archaeology and history between 1930-34 at the Technische Hochschule in Munich, at Heidelberg (where she attended the lectures of Martin Heidegger) and finally Hamburg. Brand one of a group of a Ph. D.

Museum director and expert of decorative arts (especially ceramics and porcelain), expressionism, and museum concepts. Max Sauerlandt was born in 1880 to Max Saurelandt, a timber merchant, and Marie Plath (Sauerlandt). Sauerlandt was born into the Protestant faith. Growing up in Hamburg, he attended Matthias-Claudius-Gymnasium and received his abitur in 1898. He spent his first five semesters of study in Marburg and Berlin learning about classical philology, then the next four semesters in Munich and Berlin studying art history.