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Historian of ancient and medieval art; the director of the Index of Christian Art from 1942 to 1951. Burke received his AB (1928), MA (1931), and PhD (1932) from Princeton University, completing the final two years of his graduate work under Erwin Panofsky at the University of Hamburg. He taught at Princeton until 1935, then at Northwestern University (1935-36), and the University of Minnesota (1936-38) before returning to Princeton and the Index directorship.

Classicist art history professor and archaeologist.  Elderkin was born in Chicago in 1879.  He graduated from Darthmouth in 1902 continuing to graduate work at Johns Hopkins University.  His Ph.D., was granted from Hopkins in 1906 with a dissertation topic of speech in Greek epics.  He joined Princeton University in 1910, part of the founding nucleus of the University's Art and Archaeology department being developed by Charles Rufus Morey.  His first book, Problems In Periclean Buildings. was published by the University in 19

His book, Monuments of the Early Church (1901) was one of the early required texts to be listed in the course catalog for the art history classes of Princeton University.

First woman to receive full university professor rank at Princeton University; second director of the Index of Christian Art at Princeton. Phila Lazarus Calder attended the Mount Vernon Seminary and College in Washington, D.C. from 1889 to 1891. In 1893, she married Joseph Keith Nye (b. 1858) from New Bedford, Massachusetts. Little is known about Nye’s earlier time at Mount Vernon Seminary, although she returned to teach there in 1899.

Art historian and translator; manuscript scholar and specialist in medieval iconography. Ragusa was the second daughter of Andrea and Anna Ragusa from Sicily. As a child, Ragusa immigrated with her family and settled in New York City in 1931. Her older sister, Olga Ragusa (b. 1922), also pursued an academic career and was an accomplished scholar of Italian Studies and a professor at Columbia University. Ragusa received her BA from New York University and her MA and PhD from the Institute of Fine Arts (IFA), New York University.

Medieval art historian and manuscript scholar. Woodruff graduated from Wellesley College in 1922. She earned her MA and PhD degrees at Radcliffe College, completing a dissertation on the illustrated manuscripts of Prudentius in 1928. In 1931, Woodruff held the position of Reader at the Index of Christian Art at Princeton University, founded by Charles Rufus Morey. By 1933, she was appointed to the directorship of the Index by Charles Rufus Morey, a position which she held for nine years.