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Architectural historian and architect; first to record entasis in Greek temples. Cockerell was trained between1809-1810 by his father, Samuel Pepys Cockerell (1753-1827), to follow in his footsteps as an architect. He also studied with the architect of the British Museum, Sir Robert Smirke (1780-1867). Cockerell toured Europe between 1810-1817, sometimes delivering messages to the British fleet, but also visiting the regions of the Ottoman Empire and southern Italy. He met Lord Byron and his colleague, John Foster (1887-1846), the latter with whom he traveled.

Merchant, writer and biographer Netherlandish artists. Guicciardini was the son of Jacopo Guicciardini (d. 1552) and Camilla d'Agnolo des Bardi (d. 1557). His uncle was the historian Francesco Guicciardini (1483-1540). He was well educated according to the affluent means of his family including learning Latin and some Greek. He moved to Antwerp by 1542 where he remainded his whole life. In 1567, after publishing some minor works, collections of anecdotes and maximes, etc., he published Descrittione di m.

Medievalist, École de Chartes scholar; used an archaeological approach for Chartres scholarship. James entered the University of Melbourne in 1949. As a student, completed a sub-major in art history under Joe Burke by surveying the Melbourne terrace house and its cast-iron tracery in 1951. His Bachelor's degree in [practicing] Architecture (with honors) was awarded in 1953. He married his wife, Hilary, at this time. After working in British West Africa, the couple returned to Australia where James founded an architectural practice in Roseville (greater Sydney) in 1957.

Art biographer, painter and collector; his biographies of more than 150 painters in the Venetian state contributed to his title, "the Venetian Vasari." Ridolfi's father was a tailor (he used the name Marco Sartor in his will), who died when the young Ridlofi was five. Eventually his mother, Angela, remarried and he entered the studio of a local German painter (Ridolfi was of German decent himself). At thirteen, he traveled to Venice to study uner Antonio Vassilacchi, known as l'Aliense. A diligent student, he made drawings from reliefs and assisted the master.