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Corinthian vase painting scholar; co-founder of the History of Art department at the University of California, Berkeley. Amyx attended Stanford University where he received a B. A. in classics in 1930. His graduate work was done at Berkeley. An M.A. in Latin was granted in 1932 (with a thesis on Juvenal). He was a fellow at the American School in Athens for 1935-36. His Ph.D., in Latin and classical archaeology was awarded in 1937. His dissertation, on Eritrean black-figure painting, was written under H. R. W. Smith.

Archeologist and professor at the German University of Prague, 1886-1923; scholar of Greek (especially red-figure) vase painting. Klein studied Jewish theology and then philosophy at the university in Vienna and then Prague. He traveled to Italy and Greece to study archeological sites, where his interests focused on pottery. In 1879 he published on Euphronius, the Greek vase painter named on a pot. Klein was appointed professor of archeology at the University of Prague in 1886.

Museum director and historian of Chinese and Japanese art. Pope received a Ph.D. in Chinese studies and Fine Arts from Harvard University in 1955. He also studied European collections of Chinese art at the Courtald Institute of Art in London, and the Harvard-Yenching Institute. After spending three years as a lecturer of Chinese art at Columbia University, Pope was hired as a research associate at the Freer Gallery of Art in Washgington, D. C., and was appointed its director in 1962.

Archaeologist and historian of classical vase painting. In 1900 he and Adolf Furtwängler renewed the excavations at the temple of Aphaia in Aigina. Reichhold and Furtwängler's Griechische Vasenmalerei raised the standard for accurate drawings of vase paintings to an exceptional level.

Specialist in ancient Greek and Roman art, particularly vase painting and Greek wall painting. Rumpf was the son of the artist Fritz Rumpf. Rumpf was editor of the influential Griechische und römische Kunst (1932, part of the Einleitung in der Altertumswissenschaft series). Professor at the University of Cologne (Institut für Klassische Archëologie) (1928-1960). Upon his retirement in 1960 he was succeeded at the University at Cologne by Heinz Kähler.

Berkeley professor of Latin and Classical Archaeology and authority on Greek vase painting; author of several Corpus Vasorum Antiquarum for California. Smith attended St. Paul's School, London, and Pembroke College, Oxford. In 1914 he was appointed Associate Professor of Classics at St. Francis Xavier. Shortly thereafter, Britain entered World War I and Smith joined the British Army, and was wounded at Salonika. He returned to St. Francis Xavier after the war. He went to Princeton University, first as Instructor and advancing to Assistant Professor of Classics.

Literary and art historian of ancient Greece; selected to author a volume in the Bilder griechischer Vasen series (The Niobid Painter). In 1935 Webster published the volume on the Niobid Painter for the series developed by J. D. Beazley and Paul Jacobsthal Bilder griechischer Vasen.