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Critic and supporter of the French Realist painters. In 1843 Fleury-Husson moved to Paris where he met Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867). In 1844 he joined the journal L'Artiste, writing art criticism under his pseudonym "Champfleury". In an 1848 issue of Le Pamphlet, he was among the first to praise the painting of Gustav Courbet.

Biographer of French Realist and Post-Impressionist artists. Mack's parents were Adolph "Dick" Mack (1858-1948), a pharmacist and owner of a pharmacy, and Clara Gerstle (Mack) (1861-1909), daughter of the Lewis Gerstle, grocery magnate of San Francisco (Gerstle Park, Marin County). Mack attended the University of California before switching to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, from which he received his B. A. in architecture in 1916. He worked as an architectural draftsman in New York until World War I was declared.