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Kurt Badt student, Cezanne scholar.

Picasso scholar, wrote catalogue raisonne with Pierre Daix.

Picasso scholar, compiler of catalogue raisonné, and writer. Daix was the son of Martial Daix, a city civil servant, and Germaine Derbré (Daix). He attended the Lycée Henri IV in Paris, and then universities in Rennes and Paris, receiving a B. A. Daix joined the communist party in France and served in the French Resistance during World War II, and was decorated with the Commandeur de la Légion d´honneur, the Croix de guerre 1939-1945, and Médaille de la Résistance. Daix first met Picasso, a fellow member of the French Communist Party, in 1945.

Biographer of French Realist and Post-Impressionist artists. Mack's parents were Adolph "Dick" Mack (1858-1948), a pharmacist and owner of a pharmacy, and Clara Gerstle (Mack) (1861-1909), daughter of the Lewis Gerstle, grocery magnate of San Francisco (Gerstle Park, Marin County). Mack attended the University of California before switching to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, from which he received his B. A. in architecture in 1916. He worked as an architectural draftsman in New York until World War I was declared.

Picasso scholar and biographer, partner of the art historian Douglas Cooper. Richardson's father was Sir Wodehouse Richardson, D.S.O., K.C.B., who served as Quarter-Master General in the Boer War and later founder of the famous Army & Navy Stores of England. Independently wealthy the younger Richardson at first considered becoming an artist. He made friends with both Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud.

Scholar of Gauguin and 19th-century art; early interest in art theory. Rookmaaker was the son of Henderik Roelof Rookmaaker (1887-1945) and Theodora Catharina Heitink (1890-1971). Rookmaaker grew up traveling between The Hague and Sumatra, then part of the Dutch East Indies, where his father served as Governor (Resident) until his early retirement in 1936. After he finished high school in Leiden, Rookmaaker attended the Naval College in Den Helder. The Naval College closed at the outbreak of World War II and Rookmaaker became engaged to Riki Spetter (1919-1942) in 1940.

Picasso scholar and magazine editor. Zervos was born in Greece but spent his childhood in Alexandria, Egypt. Bby age 22 had permanently settled in Paris where he received his doctorate (doctorat ès lettres) at the Sorbonne. Zervos joined the publishing firm Editions Morancé writing art articles for the magazine L'Art d'aujourd 'hui in 1924. As an editor, he met many of the artists about whom the magazine wrote: Henri Matisse, Georges Braque, Ferdinand Léger, and Pablo Picasso, for whom the latter exerted a strong influence on Zerevos' life.